Most customers will never tell you when they feel unsatisfied.

Flow gives a clear overview and feedback on your coffees’ quality before it touches your customers’ lips.

Gizmoty - Flow
Gizmoty - Flow
Gizmoty - Flow

We are consistent!


Built-in scales. Shot timers. They help serve consistent quality, but objective tests with multiple cafes show they are far from sufficient.

To keep the flavor of coffee consistent, we use a recipe containing dry dose, volume, and extraction time.

Unfortunately, we found that even processing these three targets can be nearly impossible with multiple team members and during busy times.


Fact is, there are many more variables than these three. Team members, quiet hours versus busy hours, machine performance, or customers themselves.

Funny if you think about it.

In Specialty Coffee, we track every little detail from farm to cup, but no barista can tell you with certainty how many shots the team served excellent this week.

It is time to really get on top and track quality all the way.

“We weren’t as consistent as we thought we were.

Now six weeks in, our score is up 20% already.”

– Adam Carr – Seven Miles Coffee, Australia

Gizmoty - Flow
Gizmoty - Flow

What is Flow?

Flow looks like “an Apple TV kind of box” that connects to the flow meter of the espresso machine & creates clear reports based on that information.

You set a recipe based on every shot’s volume and extraction time. Based on that, Flow shows if you are meeting the recipe or not.

This seems basic, but basic can be hard.

Especially if it means keeping track of whether we hit recipe or not, with multiple team members during busy hours. With this data, teams can improve their overal score on a day to day basis. Making sure every coffee they serve is a winner.


  • Find hidden flaws & fix them.
  • Make progress a team effort and improve engagement.

  • Consistent quality remains the number one loyalty program.

  • Give your team access so everybody can benefit from honest feedback.

For who is Flow?

Gizmoty - Flow

Above you see an overview of 5 cafes. Which one needs your attention most urgently?

Visibility of operations allows for organizations to focus resources where they’re most needed. For example, training can be tailored to the needs of specific sites and support can be offered remotely.

Gizmoty - Flow

Around 11 o’clock, the barista should have adjusted the grinder.

Have a clear view of how well the team can adhere to the recipe and challenge them to score over 80% perfect.

Your customers will thank you for it.

Gizmoty - Flow

Which customer starts looking for a competitive offering when he’s enjoying a booming business due to your support?

Offer your best customers Tripple A support and track the quality of their serving 100% of the time while cutting down your operational costs.

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What does Flow cost?

Flow costs €35 euro per month and comes with a one month cancellation policy.

There is a one-time fee of €300,- for the hardware.

Multiple sites? Please get in touch with us for a tailored offering.

Gizmoty - Flow

Test your own consistency for free

We offer a one month free trial, including installation.

Customers are looking for consistency in coffee. Flow helps teams to increase their percentage of perfect shots every day.

Try Flow for one month, find out how well you are actually doing right now and start using consistent quality as your main loyalty program.

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